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Zad integrated Business Seeks to provide added value to the customers at all levels as it provides all the customer needs to make his experience at all branches of the company is a positive experience which reflects the visits of our branches as remarkable visits.



The Thinking of the company was through a group of businessmen to put their personal experiences through their travels to a number of states and countries push them this to start investment in food and beverages and different hotel areas in the same field.

Also they work to choose a professional human element strives to work in the same thought, was the first breakthrough in many Arab countries and European (such as Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom).

Then Egypt as we consider the market here a competitive market many peoples seeks to invest in this market.


The Strong start led the company's to put and develop the strategy that will govern and maintain this entity.


We summarize some of the points that have been put in place to ensure the continuation of this success:

Permanent and continuous hearing to our customers and speed response to achieve these desires and proposals.
Provide the correct candidate who will representing the company name, it is a part of the capital “ HUMAN CAPITAL”.
Providing training and development programs that qualify these elements and candidates.
Don’t keep the traditional style of management in terms of authorities' and concentrate the power and decisions in one hand.
Beyond the traditional role "just to provide food" and work to live up the highly level which contribute to develop the society.
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